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Objecting and the Process

  • Each family may, within 60 days of being notified of such, appeal each decision regarding the evaluation and placement on a one time per decision basis.
  • If the Special Education Services Board within the Ministry of Education does not respond within 15 days, you may apply to an Administrative Court.
  • The counselling and psychiatric evaluation consulting service within the school or institution may, provided that 70 days of monitoring have passed from the date of application at the school/institution and on condition that the education evaluation and placement decision has been deemed unsuitable, file its objection for a new evaluation to made to the Special Education Services Board.
  • In further assessing objections which are filed with the Special Education Services Board university faculty staff and professionals may be consulted for their further suggestions and points of view.
  • When registering with schools or institutions, there is no necessity for a Special Education Services Board placement decision to have been made for individuals who require special education. Nevertheless, the school or institution management will commence the necessary official applications for the placement decision to be taken for these students. If the school or institution within which the student is registered is deemed to be in line with the placement decision then he/she will continue at that institution/schools. If a different placement decision is made, then the necessary transfer to that school will commence.
  • For children with special education needs who are required to attend school, toilet training skills are not a must if the school is a day school.
  • For students who attend SEACs or Specialized Education Vocational Centers, if the student is absent for 70 working day without reasonable cause, which has been twice notified in writing by the school management, then the class must be repeated by the student. Those students who absent themselves in this manner in two consecutive years will have their school registrations cancelled. For Vocational students, those absentees from their courses without reason for 70 working days will have their course registration cancelled by the monitoring and steering committee.