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Scholarship Requirements

The conditions which are required for students to apply for free, full/partial scholarship at Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School:
Being a citizen of Turkish Republic (Including non-citizens of Turkish Republic living in Turkey)
Required Documents for Scholarship Request
– Copy of identity card of the parent and child
– Residence address
– Employee’s payroll or income certificate
– Real estate statement (document provided by e-government password.)
– Copy of the deed of the house if available
– Copy of contract if rent
– Copy of the Green Card if available
Required Documents for Families Whose Scholarship Request Is Accepted:
– Full-Fledged Health Report
– Copies of identity card and residence document of the child and parents
– List of authorized signatures of parents
– Copy of health report card of child if available
– 2 photos of children
Important note: Those who make false statements are charged to the Public Prosecution Office. In addition, the situation is reported in writing to the relevant institutions and organizations and official action is taken.
Click to download the scholarship policy