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Early-Childhood Program

Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School’s early-childhood program has been designed for children under the age of 24 months and is based on a strong family-school partnership. Children who are in this program have at least 30 sessions per week at the School. 
This program comprises skills for learning, playing and communication skills, nutrition, sleeping, toilet training and similar daily care routines and will also include other areas determined jointly between the School and the families.
As it is very difficult for specialists to provide an exact diagnosis before age 2, as well as children who have extensive developmental issues and /or autism, other children who display signs of autism but who have yet to be fully diagnosed may also benefit from the early-childhood program.

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Prep-School and Primary School Programs

Children who are between 3-12 are accepted into this category at our School. All of our students attend at least 30 one hour sessions per week between 9 am and 3 pm.
This program comprises pre-academic and academic skills as well as communication and social interaction skills. In intensive one-on-one sessions, children are encouraged to interact with their class mates and in order to increase their social interaction, small group activities are planned from time to time.

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Home Education Program

As children with autism require continuous and systematic intervention, families and siblings must join in the teaching events. The home education program ensures that families gain the skills to become home teachers for their children. Families are asked to visit the School from time to time, and our teachers visit the families in order to orient them in the work to be pursued from home on a regular basis. Working with the families helps the children to adapt the skills they learn at school first at home and then later to other social environments.

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Training Program through Sessions

This is a supportive teaching program which is provided to autistic children who are at school on a full or temporary basis, but who do not require full specialist teaching and who would like to benefit from an individual session on a specific date or time. These comprise packets of 2 or 3 days of consecutive sessions. Children receive 2 consecutive sessions of academic, communications, social interaction or other individual teaching modules. Families visit the institution one a week and they can watch the teaching given to their children and join in.

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