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Our Services

Our Services: Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School provides assessments, teacher training, library services, scientific research and raising awareness.

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Assessment Services

The director of the teaching programs or the specialist teachers provide assessment of the training programs necessary to progress general and educational development for autistic children by direct observation and based on interviews with families.

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Teacher Training Programs

Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School provides in-house teaching to its own teachers on the subject of Applied Behavioral Analysis and the Princeton Child Development Institute syllabus.

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Library and Resource Centers

You can utilise our Library which works on the basis of membership.

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Scientific Research

At Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School, research projects are conducted into autistic children’s early diagnosis, teaching autistic children, their families and training of teachers and their therapist effects.

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Dissemination of Information

Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School works with other institutions who want to utilise the teaching model and syllabus and to train the teaching director and professional teachers.