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Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School

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Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School is regulated by the Ministry of Education and was established with the purpose of providing pre-school, primary and secondary education together with supporting teaching for children with autism.
The intensive specialist education services which the School provides are based on Applied Behavioral Analysis (“ABA”) methods which have been used in many countries including predominantly the United States for over 40 years. The Applied Behavioral Analysis technique is the most widely known scientific and effective education model used to teach autistic children.
Scientific research has shown that approximately half of autistic children who receive intensive ABA methodology based education before age three can go on to continue their education with peers of their age group who develop normally.
The ABA methods based education services provided at Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School are sourced from the Princeton Child Development Institute in the United States.
The Princeton Child Development Institute offers autistic children under the age of three the opportunity to begin education and who is one of the rare institutions from which more than half the children transfer to normal schools. Many children who are taught at this school do not currently need further specialist teaching and many continue to normal schools rather than specialist schools, some have achieved university degrees while others are in university and some have completed high school or are in full time employment.
The success of these students is directly related to the results of ABA in their teaching programs and as a result of their success in 1999, the Princeton Child Development Institute was awarded with an “ongoing contribution in the field of behavioral analysis” award by the Association for Behavior Analysis International.

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The most important aspects of the education program applied by Tohum Autism Foundation Special Education School are as follows:

  • Throughout the teaching day each child is given a dedicated teacher and one consultant is available for every four teachers,
  • The Applied Behavioral Analysis model is pursued professionally, in a thorough facts based manner,
  • The training programs and applications are reviewed annually by Princeton Child Development Institute specialists and training is provided to our personnel,
  • The syllabus has sufficient depth to provide for the needs of children with autism at every age,
  • As well as development in academic and other different areas, great emphasis is placed on the two pillars of communication and social interaction which are key areas for children with autism,
  • Individual education programs are prepared for each child which takes into consideration the views of their families and results of developments are provided in written report form,
  • In order to determine to what extent those goals identified in the individual education programs are met, children are assessed regularly by way of data gathering and data are further reviewed to revise the programs as deemed necessary,
  • Families are given regular applied teaching at school or at home,
  • Teachers are assessed regularly and supervised fully.
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*PCDI, Princeton Child Development Institute: PCDI is an institution recognized all over the world providing education for children with autism in America for nearly 40 years with its community-based and rich content curriculum, scientific-based data-based applications, scientific research and dissemination branches. The Tohum Foundation Private Special Education School is a dissemination arm of PCDI and provides education with the ‘know-how’ of PCDI.

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