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Scanning for Autism, Diagnosis and Developing Teaching Models Project

Supported by the Istanbul Development Agency and run jointly by the Tohum Autism Foundation, the Istanbul Municipality, the Istanbul Municipality National Education Department and the Istanbul Public Health Department, the ‘Scanning for Autism, Diagnosis and Developing Teaching Models Project’ ran until December 2017 in Istanbul. During its life the project brought together volunteer family doctors and family health practitioners to screen 9,010 children at Family Health Centers furing a 18-36 month period using the M-CHAT autism scanning measure software. At the end of this process, at first 911 children, then on a second assessment 322 children were deemed at risk. Of the 234 children who then went to be examined, 73 children were diagnosed with Autism. These scan took place in the 31 districts of the Istanbul Municipality at 127 Family Health Centers with the help of 167 family donors and 88 family health practitioners totalling 255 volunteers.