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Increasing the productivity of young adults with ASD and helping them to form part of the Workforce

This joint project was run by the Istanbul Municipality National Education Department, the Istanbul Development Agency and the Tohum Autism Foundation in Beylikdüzü for young autistic adults aged 15-21 in the form of a work education program. The Program began the education-training in September 2012. The general aim was to develop the work skills of disadvantaged autistic children, to increase their employability and to contribute to providing the kind of life environment in which they can stand on their own two feet. The project was then broken down along these lines:

  • Creating a physical and education infrastructure by developing a work training program suitable for autistic 15-21 year olds;
  • Teaching for the textile trade (print machine operations) and tourism (housekeeping) to help them gain skills and to assist them in participating in the active work force;
  • Working towards helping graduates of these programs who have gained to skills to meet work providers and help them obtain positions.

The primary goal of this project was autistic young adults aged 15-21 and their educators, families, the tourism and textiles sector owners. Young autistic adults who are no older than 18, who are graduates of the OÇEM, other specialist institutions and/or have graduated a integrated educational program will be accepted to this program. The Thumb Autism Foundation has contributed to this program by providing teaching professionals and has assumed the work of teaching other educators who will be involved in the Work Training School and has also provided supervision.