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"Family Education Seminars: Knowing is Understanding"

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Supported by the Dutch Embassy MATRA charitable donation, the “Family Seminars: Knowing is understanding” project was launched after signature by both parties in the form of a charitable giving agreement on 12 April 2012.
The Project began ın June 2012 and was completed in June 2013. This project targetted the parents of -primarily- 0-8 year old newly diagnosed autistic children to attend a 2 day seminars which aimed at increasing their knowledge of the subject and to develop university students on a professional and social responsibility level. These efforts are aimed at integrating children with ASD into the community.
“Family Seminars: Knowing is understanding” 2 day seminars were prepared by dedicated academicians who specialise in the education of autistic children. The seminar focused on issues such as the features of ASD, controlling behavior in autism, how to communicate with autistic individuals, and what to expect of individuals with ASD in different life stages.
The seminars were presented to parents by 3rd and 4th year psychology students at various universities. During the seminar’s two days, students from 1st and 2nd psychology faculty spent time with the children. All of the students who attended the seminars were given an orientation program prepared by trained technicians and were supervised by the project specialist teams during the project as they met their objectives and responsibilities.
The Family Seminars: ‘The Knowing is Understanding Project’ was enabled by the participation of 200 parents, 20 trainee teachers and 40 assistant teachers. The resulting family seminar program is available to all our stakeholders for replication.

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