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Every Child is a Jewel - 2006

The “Every Child is a Jewel” project, which was organized to support the works of Tohum Autism Foundation and to create public opinion for the education of our children with autism, was sponsored by Gilan. The dreams of the leading and socially conscious names of our country, Caroline Koç, Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, Ayşegül Dinçkök, Revna Demirören, Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu, Aslı Soyak, Aysun Kibar, Maria Eliyeşil, Serra Merzeci and Mine Narin’s dreams met with Gilan’s unique designs, which is Turkey’s first jewelry brand. 10 unique jewels designed by these names for the project, which aims to take one more step towards the education of our children with autism and bring them to life, were handed over to their owners with the auction held in the night organized by Gilan. All proceeds from the Gala Night held at Adile Sultan Palace on Friday, December 15 were donated to the Tohum Autism Foundation to be used in ongoing projects.
From the pen of the leading and socially sensitive names of our country, who supported our night with their designs…
Things that are unusual and different have always intrigued me. I have always thought that diversity is a feature that adds color to my life…So I wanted to solve everything I was dealing with, not within the known patterns, but by taking a different approach. When it comes to a design, i.e. ‘creating’, my desire to generate extraordinary ideas is inflamed. When my dear friend Mine asked me to be a part of such a project for the benefit of children, I was very excited and proud. Considering all these thoughts and feelings, we brought this ring, which I dreamed of, with Gilan with great pleasure. I desired it to be extraordinary, not ordinary…
Every child is a jewel, a love and a precious seed of the tree of life. The snake figure in the jewelry we designed together with Gilan for this project has similarities with the seed, the symbol of the foundation, with its meanings. The seed is the beginning of life. The snake symbol also represents the first life on earth in ancient civilizations, the water that gives life to the seed, the seven stages of creation and Asclepion, the god of health. With this effect, the mysterious snake symbol loaded with meaning formed the basis of this design.
Anything that can support children excites me. It made me happy that I also contributed to this beautiful project of my friend Mine Narin. While I was dreaming of the bracelet I wanted to take part in the project, I set out from myself. What do I believe in, what do I value? The sun symbolizes energy and me. Home is the family I’ve been passionately after all my life. Ladybug, as you know, is our childhood, “        Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home…”. Star, so that your star will always shine. Aren’t shoes the secret passion of all women? Fatma’s hand protects from good luck and evil eye. I brought my other good luck from a votive place in Paris. Let the person who will have the bracelet make his wish and then find me. I will explain it to them. Hopefully, the income will be high within the scope of the whole project and this cooperation between Gilan and Tohum Autism Foundation will be beneficial. Best regards, CAROLINE N. KOÇ Tohum Autism Foundation’s work is really important. It was a pleasure to take part in and contribute to this project. I hope the designs bring a good income and the planned projects can be realized. Thank you.
Being a part of this project meant a lot to me. A close relative of mine has autism, so my relationship with this disease also has a personal aspect. For years, I experienced the problems that this disease brought to our family and I felt the helplessness it imposed. These very special and wonderful children and their families had a really hard time having no help or information available. I have great respect and admiration for Tohum Autism Foundation because they educated people in this country by explaining what autism is and they raised awareness about the disease. This was the first and most important step to be a balm for the wound. The ball and the small sapphires on it in the design, I imagined for this special project represent the world of children with autism, and the moon and star represent our country that supports them.I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who helps, contributes and works every day to resolve this important issue and mitigate its effects. The sun is starting to shine now!
Are some lights brighter? Is the success of the works done lovingly and believing together more dazzling than the others? If the yellow sun of the Tohum Autism Foundation is illuminating the lives of children as a beacon of hope, it has been thanks to volunteers and institutions that believe in and embrace our purpose and have not spared any self-sacrifice, as much as those working in the foundation. These beautiful people were not satisfied with this, they inspired us in difficult times and played a great role in our success. Without them, nothing would have been like this. Our efforts would remain as broken pieces of chain, our work combined with their invaluable support formed a perfect chain. Just like the rings of this chain we designed together with Gilan! Every link of this chain symbolizes all our volunteer friends who have contributed to the Tohum Autism Foundation so far… I dedicate this jewel, which symbolizes our strength arising from being together with them, to all our volunteers and thank them again on behalf of all our children with autism.
“Every child is a jewel”, they are priceless, each separate and special. They are our future… For me, pearl is a very elegant, special, stylish and always classic jewel. Its smooth surface, color and radiance remind me of an innocent child.This particular project was a very enjoyable experience for me. I am happy if I could make a small contribution to the Tohum Autism Foundation. Best regards.
I participated with great enthusiasm in this event organized by Tohum Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation, which operates to ensure that children with autism are not left to their fate and reintegrate them into society, together with Gilan. I was happy to contribute as much as I could to lead a normal life for children with autism. The jewelery we have realized for this project together with the creative director of Gilan is a part of the future of our children, each of whom is a jewel. I hope that these jewels will make both the users and our children with autism happy.
I am very happy to contribute to this special project aimed at helping children with autism. We wanted to convey the joy, enthusiasm and energy of children to this design. The flower-shaped earring radiates positive energy with turquoise and red and green stones that complement the turquoise. I wish this energy to increase the joy of life of the person who wears the jewel.
I wanted to support Tohum Autism Foundation, which provides services and aids to children with autism in Turkey, with jewelry inspired by Rumi motifs and designed together with the creative director of Gilan. I would like to thank Gilan and the foundation for this joint work.
Ali Üstündağ
Alinur Velidedeoğlu
Aslı Soyak
Aysun Kibar
Ayşe Abeş
Ayşegül Dinçkök
Banu İpeker
Banu Tunçbilek Saner
Caroline Koç
Ceylan Atuk
Claudia Badi
Derya Merter
Emre Ergani
Ender Mermerci
Ferhunde Verdi
İrem Yargıcı
Maria Eliyeşil
Maxxium Türkiye
Merih Akoğul
Muharrem Geylan
Murat Patavi
Müge Onan
Orhan Sanus
Özlem Güsar
Özlem Önal
Rana Erkan
Rasim Özkanca
Renee Saban
Revna Demirören
Salih Saka
Sarika Rodrig
Serra Merzeci
Suzan Sabancı Dinçer
Şeli Elvaşvili
Tamer Yılmaz
Turgay Artam
Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu
Zeynep Garan
Zeynep İlter
Zeynep Üstünel