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A Different School

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On April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, Tohum Autism Foundation signed the “A Different School” project with the support of 4129 Grey agency in order to raise awareness about autism and to provide the different approach children need for their education. Within the scope of the project, the building of the Private Seed Foundation Special Education School was built in the Minecraft game, which gives positive results as an assistive technology in the education of children with autism, by sticking to its real architectural plan. With the project of ‘’A Different School’’, which is independent of the place and has continuity, an educational space was created in the digital environment; A special education program including technology literacy, what can be done in Minecraft’s creative mode, sculpting-painting with a 3D printer and entry-level coding lessons was prepared. Our campaign video, which was prepared to become widespread on social media, was shared 12 times on Facebook and received 3,099 interactions. It received 12 retweets, 404 impressions, and 2,440 interactions on Twitter. On Instagram, our video received 2,537 likes, 34,849 accesses, and 71,423 views.