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A Day as a Gift A Night as a Gift - 2011

The “A Day Gift” shopping fair and “A Night as a Gift” invitation organized by Tohum Autism Foundation for the benefit of children with autism took place in Yeniköy Sait Halim Paşa Mansion.
The event, which started with the “A Day as a Gift” shopping fair held at the Sait Halim Pasha Mansion with the main sponsorship of Astaş Holding, the investor of the Bodrum Cennet Koyu Project, continued with the “A Night as a Gift” invitation in the mansion section of the mansion, attended only by special guests.
At the “A Day as a Gift” shopping fair, which was held with the participation of the most distinguished brands of Turkey and the world, from decorations to jewelry, from clothing and accessories to children’s goods many different gifts were offered for sale with different price options suitable for every budget.
With the participation of Assouline, Bee Goddess, BNG, Boybeyi Jewellery, by meltem Tehrancı; Calvin Klein Watch and Jewellery, Caribou, Chez-bo, Damas, Four Seasons, Gitanjeli, GODIVA, Gökhan Ülseven, HAAZ, Caucasian Jewellery, Kwanpen, Layla Decoration, Misela Molton Brown London, Nahara, Öney, Pondicherie, Rareblossom, Sanem Kardıçalı Jewellery, Sega Jewellery, Serenk, Sevan Bıçakçı, Sırr, Siren Ertan Couture, Pillow by Rıfat Özbek, zeyneperol, Rafah Jewellery, Tiffany&Co. Roberto Coin brands, the ‘A Day as a Gift’ shopping fair received more than 1000 visitors throughout the day and hosted many familiar faces who wanted to buy gifts for their loved ones for the New Year, as well as give gifts to children with autism. The most popular products of the shopping fair were the Christmas baskets offered for sale by young hearts and the bracelets specially designed for Tohum Autism Foundation.
The ‘A Night as a Gift’ invitation, held in the pavilion section of Sait Halim Paşa Mansion, started with the arrival of distinguished guests as of 20:00 in the evening. The founders and supporters of Tohum Autism Foundation and sensitive names of the business and art world came together at the night combined with many surprise events in a beautiful environment.
To share their passions and experiences with a limited number of guests, famous names of the business and art world, one of the supporters of Tohum Autism Foundation, Mustafa Koç; Mustafa Taviloğlu; Serdar Gülgün; and Sait Sökmen, the participants donated to Tohum Autism Foundation.